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Alkyd Resins

Long oil resins

Code: 06-01-001

Long oil alkyd resins are those that have an oil content greater than 55%, something that helps give a smooth brushing action. Long oil alkyd resins are soluble in aliphatic type solvents (white spirit) and are mainly used in:

  • Interior & exterior house paints
  • High gloss paints
  • Varnish & floor sealers
  • Anticorrosive paints etc.

Our company is the exclusive representative of ARAB COMPANY FOR RESIN & CHEMICAL INDUSTRY in the field of alkyd resins, and we can offer you a large variety of long oil alkyd resins, with different type of oil (sunflower, soya, TOFA etc.), as well as with different solid content. You can find a detailed list by pressing here.

Widely used long oil resin, for general use:

ProductOil%Solids%Solvent Composition
Visc. Gardner at 25oC (70%)Type of oil
ALKYD (SFW61-20/55)70% 61% (70±1)% White Spirit Apprx. Z8 Fatty Acid

PROPERTIES: High gloss & gloss retention. Good adhesion, and excellent yellowing resistance & hardness. Light color.


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