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Ware Repellent


Code: 70-90-001

An aqueous, solvent free emulsion of a higher alkylated alkoxy siloxane with addition of special stabilizers

Chem Sil 10 is a product that was developed for the water-repellent impregnation of highly absorbent, light-colored building materials in over ground building construction, as cement-bricks, natural rocks, plasters e.t.c.
It is very easy to use and absolutely harmless. There are not any solvents, so it is not flammable and does not give any smell to the surface that we are working on.

Chem Sil 10 can be used as it is, or by spacing 1:1 with clean water.
Chem Sil 10 must impregnate well the surface that we are working on, in order to be well
absorbed by it. After 24 hours, the surface that we used Chem Sil 10 on, will not absorb again water or other liquids.