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Alkyd Resins

Medium oil resins

Code: 06-02-001

Medium oil alkyd resins are those that have an oil content between 40% and 55%. They have a faster drying time than long oi resins and an excellent gloss level. They are soluble in both aliphatic type solvents (white spirit) and more strong solvents like xylene or toluene. Medium oil alkyd resins are mainly used in:

  • Industrial use paints
  • Machinery coating
  • Car repair enamels
  • High gloss paints

Our company is the exclusive representative of ARAB COMPANY FOR RESIN & CHEMICAL INDUSTRY in the field of alkyd resins, and we can offer you a large variety of medium oil alkyd resins, with different type of oil (sunflower, soya, TOFA etc.), as well as with different solid content. You can find a detailed list by pressing here.

Widely used medium oil resin, for general use:

ProductOil%Solids%SolventVisc.Gardner at 25oC (70%)Oil type
ALKYD (SX50-120/70)70% 50% (70±1)% Xylene Z2 - Ζ4 Sunflower

PROPERTIES: Excellent drying time. Very good color and gloss retention. High yellowing resistance.


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